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A career that spans 37 + years began with my sister singing in the choir at church. I was yet a tyke and accompanied her to a practice session one evening. As we walked out into the organ gallery at church, I was amazed by the 3 manual organ console with all of its buttons and switches and keyboards. When my (then yet to be) great friend Harold La Chapelle sat down and began to play, I was astonished at what I was hearing and what I was seeing him do! Even more astonishing,  was that fact that he wasn't reading any music! That sparked an interest that led to the love of organs and organ music which has turned into a lifelong passion.

Some years later, having developed a mechanical aptitude, I  enrolled at Warren F Kaynor Technical High School and there found myself completely enthralled by the electronics program. Moving on to and graduating from the electrical engineering program at Waterbury State Technical College, I found a second lifelong passion.

It was during those college years that my organ teacher invited me to an organ concert at the Thomaston Opera House that was hosted by the Connecticut Chapter of The American Theatre Organ Society. There yet, in another twist of fate, I was drafted into the technical crew, learned a great deal about pipe organs, and made some very great and close lifelong friends.

Shortly thereafter, a New Jersey firm that repaired electronic organs who was looking to expand their territory, upon hearing of my credentials, immediately hired me. It was the beginning of a professional career of two great passions. After having worked for this company for 15 years and having an urge to strike out on my own, an agreement with the owner was reached and the northeast territory of the company was purchased. Sound Advice, Inc was born.

Today, we are yet a small company of whom all carry on with that same passion for what we do.